Hidden Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Controlling Fear and Panic

Not being able to breathe sucks. Not being able to breath because there is a 200 lb person on top of you putting all his weight into your stomach and chest is even worse. Knowing this guy is doing everything in his power to find a submission hold on you while you are struggling to get a limb free to defend yourself is just the icing on the cake. Life may not give you many

12 May 2014

New Breed Tournament 4.10.14

FLV would like to congratulate all our students at the New Breed Tournament this past weekend. The group represented us well and all came home winners! It just goes to show you how far hard work and training will get you.

28 Apr 2014

Gilbert “Durinho” Burns

On May 10th Our Coach Gilbert "Durinho" Burns Will be Representing Us at One if the Most Prestigious BJJ Tournaments in The World, He Will be Competing at the Copa Podio Grand Prix Brazil And He Will be Visiting Us on the Month Of June Here in Charlotte. We cant wait to Have Durinho Training and Teaching at Our Academy for a