Martial Arts Charlotte NC

Our School is located in the back of Club Fitness on South Tryon. We have been in operation since June of 2011 with Professor Fernando Loor Vera at the helm with a close working relationship with World Champion Black Belt Gilbert Burns. We offer classes for all levels of BJJ participants. From the beginner who is looking to learn fundamentals of one of the best forms of self-defense, to the ultimate BJJ competitor. Our aim is to produce champions on and off the mat with a foundation, in hard work, respect and a close affiliation to our BJJ family. Please contact us with any questions.

Charlotte Martial Arts

Martial Arts Charlotte NC


Not only is FLVBJJ a great place to learn for people just starting out in Jiu-Jitsu; it is great for people who have had some level of training and are looking to get their BJJ to the next level. Fernando offers instruction for beginners as well as people looking to compete at high levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I've had experiences at others schools before and Fernando's detailed instruction as his intensity for competition driven students has brought out the best in my performance. I am definitely happy I made the move to Fernando Loor Vera Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Ahmed El-Sayed
I've been training with Fernando for about 5 weeks and he gives his 100% at each and every class! He's either actively instructing or rolling with one of us every single moment. Very dedicated to his students!!! He also inspires a team atmosphere among us all which just makes for an even better training environment.
Kevin Brooks
Awesome place to train!,I moved to NC 3 months ago & started from day 1 with FLVBJJ! - Professor Fernando Loor Vera has a very sharp game & awesome instruction. Each class is packed with new drills & positions. FLVBJJ Oss!
Tyler Kaufman
Top level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction, with a world class Black-belt. Excellent and relaxed atmosphere, with a level of instruction that is tailored to fit all from ; kids classes to people just wanting to get into shape to competitors .
H Khokhan
Great place to train. Instruction is top notch and very detailed. Professor Fernando Vera is a highly active competitor but welcomes anyone with any training goals. Effective warm-ups, great time management, intense sparring and just an overall fantastic energy on the mats.
Anthony Militello

Charlotte Martial Arts Academy